Adrien Bekerman


Born in Paris in 1984, Adrien Bekerman started his musical journey studying piano, harmonie , contrepoint and orchestration . After his studies, Adrien went to Los Angeles and met golden globes' nominated composer, Michael Stevens who gained his reputation through the films of Clint Eastwood (Invictus , Letters of Iwo Jima , Gran Torino...)Won over by Adrien's works , Michael invited him to compose the additional music of the feature film « Lily sometimes » directed by Fabienne Berthaud ,starring Diane Kruger. At the same time , Adrien was accepted at USC's SPMTV programme. But Adrien continues to learn from Michael's experience. Together they score another feature called « In torment » directed by Christophe Ruggia starring Yvan Attal . They also score the soundtrack of a French TV movie gathering 10 millions viewers.
In 2014 Adrien is nominated at IX Jerry Goldsmith awards and orchestrates Michael's score for the Italian movie called « La variabile Umana ».
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(previous) … In 2015 he scores a prominent UN documentary called « Global unity or global war », with the appearance of Bill Clinton Bill Gates and Ban ki moon... Adrien also scores an add for the brand Louis Vuitton called « Louis Vuitton les ateliers prototypes ».
Recently, Adrien composed the additional music of the feature movie « Ils sont partout  » directed by Yvan Attal starring Danny Boon and Charlotte Gainsbourg. He also had the chance to compose the whole soundtrack of the musical movie « Les enfants de la chance» . At this occasion, he conducted the Paris Philarmonic.